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Healthy Home Compliance Repairs

From 1st July 2021, landlords must ensure their rental properties comply with the Healthy Homes Standards within 90 days of all new, varied, or renewed tenancy agreements. Auckland Builders & Renovations can make all those alterations that make your rental Healthy Home Complaint

Healthy Homes

The healthy homes standards introduce specific and minimum standards for heating, insulation, ventilation, moisture and drainage, and draught stopping in rental properties. Not all homes meet these new standards and must be compliant before they can be rented. If a landlord is non-compliant, a tenant can apply to the Tenancy Tribunal for a monetary order and/or a work order. The Tribunal may award a financial penalty of up to $4,000 against the landlord, which is usually paid to the tenant.

Residential Tenancies Act legislation – 1 July 2019

Ceiling and underfloor insulation are compulsory in all rental homes.

You have to attach an insulation statement to every tenancy agreement commenced after 1 July 2019.

You need to sign a statement of intent to comply with healthy home standards in new, varied or renewed tenancy agreements.

From December 2020, you have to complete a form or have a signed statement showing current levels of compliance with the standards.

See the Tenancy Services website for more information about the Residential Tenancies Act.

What are the Healthy Homes requirements?

Rental properties must comply with the Healthy Homes Standards within 90 days of any new tenancy.

The standards include further requirements for:

For more information see Raising the standard website.

What evidence of compliance needs to be collected by the landlord and retained?

Section 40 of the RTA states; “A landlord must retain sufficient relevant records or documents as reasonably provided (sic) evidence of the landlord’s compliance with the Healthy Homes Standards in relation to the tenancy”. This can include building consents, records of building work done by professionals, inspections, photos or videos, product manuals, e.g., for heat pumps or log burners, receipts and invoices.

The Tenancy and Compliance Investigation Team has the power to seek proof of compliance and tenants are also permitted to request evidence of compliance. In other words, you want to make sure you have complied with the standards on time or you risk being audited and fined.

Use this tool to find out if you need to include the healthy homes compliance statement in your new or renewed tenancy agreement. Compliance Statement Tool

Healthy Homes Assessment

You should hire an independent assessor to complete the report for you to save you time and gives you the assurance you comply, or alternatively have details of what is required to comply with the law changes.

Who does healthy home repairs identified in the assessment?

We do! Auckland Builders & Renovations are able to undertake and complete your entire list of requirements, and provide proof of installation/certificates to comply with record keeping.

Please feel free to send us your Healthy Home Assessment Report for an idea of what it may cost to comply.