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Garage Conversion

If you need an extra room, then a garage conversion is one way to achieve this. Renovating a garage is easier than adding a house extension as the foundations, walls and roof are already in place.

However a garage conversion is still a substantial renovation, depending on to what extent you are going to change the existing structure and interior.

Garage conversions will require council consents and LBP builders to bring the Garage conversion up to building code.

You might want to convert a garage for extra family space or to rent.

Auckland Builders & Renovations Ltd are the garage conversion/alteration experts.

Builders & Renovations

A garage conversion can add significant value to your home. Maybe you need a parents or kids or hideaway, a mancave or somewhere for grandparents to live. Perhaps your teenager needs their own space, or a teenager needs to vacate their own room for a baby that’s on the way. Maybe a second lounge, video games room or study is needed to give the family some extra space. Maybe you would like some additional income and rent the garage space out?

Renovating converting a garage will generally require a local council consent if someone intends to sleep or live there. This is required if you are planning to use it as a bedroom, as opposed to simply using it to play table tennis or video games. Consider whether you will be changing the interior, for example; making it livable, creating a ceiling, laying carpet, creating & insulating walls or partitions. This will require qualified builders work and could become a major renovation. On the other hand, laying some rugs and painting the walls may be all that is required to convert your garage into a games room.

Convert a garage

If you are converting your garage to make it into a habitable room, there are considerations for making it as comfortable as your existing home and up to current building code. Water proofing may be required, including fixing roof leaks, elevating or sealing floors to prevent water from flooding underneath. Insulation will be necessary to keep it warm. Garages are generally on a concrete slab, so some sort of floor covering should be laid on top with insulation if possible or if required by Council. Consider how you will heat the converted garage during winter, and how you will keep it cool during summer. Ensure that it has adequate ventilation. Does it need more power for outlets, appliances and lighting?  If you want the garage renovated into a self-contained dwelling, plumbing and drainage will also be required.

Building a house extension would be far more expensive than an  garage conversion. Done right, a garage conversion can become a wonderful living or working space and can even provide added rental income if you convert it into a second dwelling. Just be sure you get you professional Auckland Builders and Renovations ltd  help and do the job right.

How much does a garage conversion cost?

A garage conversion can cost from $40,000 upwards, with higher end conversions over $150,000.

Don’t have a garage but have space in the back yard? Why not think about a  granny flat or sleepout?

We can work with your architect or designer, or we can help put you in touch with some we work with on a regular basis. We can even help guide you through the Auckland Council Consent process if a consent is required.

Why not get in touch and tell us about your project? We would welcome talking to you.