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Get Started – Building Plans

Whether you’re renovating a home to add more space, modernize or  to prepare for sale, Auckland Builders & Renovations can help you through every step of the process.  

If you have plans already and would like a fixed price quote, please feel free to email them to us for pricing. If you don’t have Council Consented or Architectural building plans, we can help you get started. 

How To Start A Renovation – Have a plan!

Unlike building a brand new home, when you renovate or extend a house you have to plan around what is already there and what is listed on the existing plans. Often with older homes, there can be many surprises, so working with a builder who has encountered these kinds of surprises can often enhance the success of the project

With renovations and alterations, you are working with an existing structure so things to consider are;

  • There may be limited information on the building plans and in some cases, no plans at all.
  • The plans may not show the current floorplan or what was originally built.
  • You may not be able to work out what the structure is behind walls or cavities.
  • You may need to upgrade items like electrical, insulation and ventilation to meet the current building code.
  • Finding matching materials such as weatherboards or skirting, especially for older villas can be very challenging as they may have been made over 100 years ago.

In some cases, because of the unique intricacies of particular homes, a renovation project may take longer and may cost more than building new.

Planning A Renovation

The first step is to gather your ideas about what you want to do. You can find ideas and information from books, renovating websites, social media, magazines and brochures. A great place to start is HGTV which has a range of shows that give an idea of what can be done and what it takes, though take timelines and costs with a ‘pinch of salt’. Work out a budget you want to spend and decide a list of ‘wants & needs’. It is also a good idea to plan the project room by room. You may also want to consider/investigate what needs to be done in advance if you are financing the project through a broker or bank as there constant changes to lending requirements imposed by the government.

Getting Qualified Building Advice

From the outset of any renovation or building project, there are always a couple of questions. Is it possible? What is the cost? Some building advice can help answer those questions. Qualified advice can help you understand your projects complexity & costs before you start. Auckland Builders & Renovations Ltd can offer that advice. More information can be found here – Building Advice

Concept Design Plans

Concept design plans are a great way to get a project rolling without committing to the expense of full working Architectural plans and Council Consent Fees. With Concept design, it can help you decide if what you are thinking of doing will actually fit into the space you have and if it can be done within your budget. We sit down with you and draw up the envisaged design showing a general layout, what will fit onsite and start to identify things like drainage and power. From the concept, we can provide an educated idea of what potential costs there are to make your project a reality. If the project costs are in line with your budgets, we can move forward and further develop the plans to make them ready for Council approval. Auckland Builders & Renovations Ltd can help  prepare these for you.

Architectural Plans & Council Building Consents

Major renovation works will likely need a Council building consent. With Architectural plans, we have the architect sit down with you and go over all the details of what you want, often detailing everything from what’s going on the floors, how many electrical outlets you want , to where the plumbing may go. The building consent application will need the full architectural plans and specifications to be included. Auckland Builders & Renovations Ltd can help  prepare these for you.

Do You Want To Change Your Space, But Don’t Really Know How Best To Arrange The Layout?

If you are unsure of how best to use your space, what colours may compliment your interior or need help deciding on a different flow, the help of a designer may be invaluable. Auckland Builders & Renovations Limited work with several designers and can help put you in touch with someone who can help.

You Might Need To Hire An Engineer.

With some renovations and extensions, structural details may need to have the input of a chartered professional engineer. Auckland Builders & Renovations Ltd can help  put you in contact with these for you.

Auckland Builders & Renovations Ltd have the knowledge and experience to take your project from a simple idea through to a completion.

Why not get in touch and tell us about your project? We would welcome talking to you.